Personal & business coaching
to ‘make your dreams come true’

does this sound like you?


Struggling to…develop the strategies you need to get you to be living the life that you truly want.


Wondering why…you’re not being supported to earn the amount that you know you’re worth.

Having trouble…bouncing back and thriving again after a particularly tough time in your life.


how coaching can help?

Personal Coaching starts off with strengthening your personal foundation and then building on it, this is invaluable for every individual and especially those wanting to focus on themselves rather than their businesses or working life.

Business Coaching has traditionally been used as a developmental tool for executives. This is changing and a growing number of organisational decision-makers recognise the capacity of coaching to empower, engage and develop employees.

Hi, I’m Jo

Not only was I Lionel Blair’s wife in Crossroads (!), I was one of the first coaches in the UK to qualify and build a coaching practice. 

Having survived a divorce, ovarian cancer, years of financial abuse and depression, I’m living proof that ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’

A Personal and Business Coach since 1998, my mission is to empower hundreds of small business owners to have the confidence to make their dreams come true, no matter what their situation. 

Guiding other coaches, creatives, business owners and entrepreneurs to improve their work life balance and create the life that they truly deserve to be living is my passion.

I’m a Manchester United fanatic, have appeared in 3 films (Northern Soul, Believe, and Gridiron UK), have performed on stage, small screen and am a qualified modern jive teacher.

I also love extreme sports (sky-diving, white water rafting, crag hopping, abseiling, etc).


Work with me

1:1 coaching

If an athlete wants to improve their skills, the best thing they can do is join a team that has a great coach. 

Great coaches and mentors are the quickest routes to success – to almost every pursuit, yet the same logic is often overlooked when it comes to growing a business.

Business coaches work alongside executives and business owners to help them define their goals, polish their vision for their business, and set in place a series of strategies for success.

Having a business coach is much like having a highly experienced partner on your team and the value that they offer to business success is priceless.

Work with me

group coaching

When we connect with a tribe of people with similar values and beliefs, people who want to see us succeed — amazing things can happen.

Being part of a tribe means you have access to different viewpoints and approaches to problems and challenges.

You get to expand your network of valuable connections.

You get to give and receive help and support.

You get to experience that priceless feeling of being part of something bigger, something greater than yourself.

You get to create lifelong friendships.

Here’s what other people say

Her knowledge enthuses any audience with renewed confidence and she exudes precise professional standards in her delivery and impresses relevant topics with a ferve and vitality that encourages group participation to enable smooth absorption of new topics and skills willingly by participants, who often want to attend her follow up and refresher training and coaching sessions.

Merlin Wz, 
Facillitator of workshops for life coaching, business management, ITC development, analytical person centred psychology

Jo’s positivity, belief in people and infectious enthusiasm has resonated in positive ways with both my personal and professional life.

“You CAN do that project and you CAN be that person”.

Jonathan Horniblow, 

It has been extremely beneficial to have Jo as a coach.

Jo is easily the most uplifting, postive and wise person I know. It truly is a natural gift of hers.

I am a mature student studying for a degree, a full time carer, mother and grandmother. I also have chronic health conditions the need to be managed.
So, following Jo’s coaching program has helped me to manage everything better, and give me the confidence to follow my dreams, and fulfil personal goals.

I can personally vouch for Jo, and highly recommend her coaching services.

Karen Cronshaw, 
PT Mature Student and FT Carer